Mission and Vision

Lawsonville Elementary SchoolVision:

Lawsonville Elementary desires to create a learning community where students, teachers, and parents work collaboratively to achieve a love for learning while becoming future-ready graduates who are globally competitive.

Lawsonville Elementary School will promote student-centered learning in a safe, positive, and encouraging environment. 

Lawsonville Elementary School Beliefs

·         We believe teachers, parents, students, and the community share the responsibility for the development of strong community and personal values.

·         We believe students learn best in a safe, secure, orderly, and respectful environment.

·         We believe there should be mutual respect among administrators, teachers, parents, and students.

·         We believe all students can learn, achieve, and succeed.

·         We believe a quality education should be provided for all students regardless of their race, creed, or gender.

·         We believe instructional practices should incorporate learning activities that reflect differences in learning styles.

·         We believe students should be challenged to rise to their highest level of achievement.

·         We believe that students, parents, and teachers must share the accountability and responsibility of the educational process.

·         We believe students should develop critical thinking skills that will enable them to make sound decisions concerning their future.

·         We believe that every person at Lawsonville Elementary School has worth, deserves respect, and needs an advocate.

·         We believe students should leave Lawsonville Elementary School with the utmost confidence in their abilities to succeed in the next level of education.
Stokes County Schools

Stokes County Schools will create a learning environment where all students graduate as life-long learners who are future ready and globally competitive.

The Stokes County School System provides an innovative learning environment where all students WILL succeed.