Remote Learning Assistance

*If you need technical assistance, please fill out this form.  Ms. Lawson will contact you as soon as possible to assist you.  Please try to contact Ms. Lawson and not your child's teacher for technical assistance.  Contact your child's teacher for academic assistance.
Google Classroom*Need help with Google Classroom?
*If you need assistance with Google Classroom, please consider watching these videos and reading this document (courtesy Tanya Bratton)
*Please remember your student email is
tech help
*If you have a technology issue, please fill out this form.
*If you are using a Stokes County device and see this when you open a web browser, you need to enter your Zscaler information.  Remember, Zscaler is our county's filter to keep students safe on the Internet.
Zscaler username:     
notice there is no "student" in the email address
Your password is Stokeslunchnumber
*If you are using a Stokes County device, please make sure you shut down your computer each night so that it can update if needed.
*Need iReady log in assistance?
*Need specific iReady log in for the iPad?  Try the PDF below.
If you do not have the Internet in your home, there are several Wi-Fi hotspots around the county for you to use.
Please remember that these Internet options are not provided by the school and do not have the school's filtering software for students, even if the students are using a school device.:
1.   Slate Funeral Home in King.  There are rooms available to use if needed.
2.   Downtown Walnut Cove:  a block each way down the street from First Street past the fire station.
3.   Danbury Library:  in the parking lot (no password)
4.   King Library:  in the parking lot (no password
5.   West Stokes High School:  student parking lot (provided by Riverside)
       7 AM-7 PM
6.   The Corner Cafe:  password:  cornercafe89
7.   Francisco Community Center
8.   Fowler Park in Walnut Cove:  no password
9.   Walnut Cove Library: parking lot (no password)
10. Sandy Ridge Elementary School:  parking lot (provided by Riverside)
11. Piney Grove Middle School:  parking lot (provided by Riverside)

Internet Service Providers Offering Free Temporary Access for Students

SPECTRUM-read fine print